What is the affiliate program

The affiliate program allows you to earn commissions for each Revi registration made on your behalf. You will earn commissions from all the payment records that are obtained from your affiliate link.


How do I register ?

Joining the affiliate program is quick, easy, and free. You just have to register from the affiliate page and fill in the details. Once you do, you will get your affiliate link. This link is the one that you will have to move to get records from you.

Join the affiliate program

How it works ?

Very easy. When you register in the affiliate program we generate a link just for you. From there, all the people who register from that link will be associated with you and we will give you 30% of the rate you choose during the first year.

Where can I put a link?

You have many options to move your affiliate link. The more you move it, the more chances you have to earn commissions. Easy.

  • Write about Revi and include your affiliate link
  • Post a link on your website
  • Recommend Revi via email
  • Post the link on social media
  • Banner campaigns

And everything you can think of. Tell everyone!

How do I know if my link works correctly ?

You can see the people who have signed up for you in your affiliate panel. To make sure that your affiliate link works correctly, click on any of the links and check that it takes you to the Revi home page. If you have any problem, please contact us.

Contact with us

I can put affiliate links on my social media ?

Yes. You can put affiliate links on your social profiles, on your blog, on your page or wherever you want. The more you let it be seen by sites close to the world of ecommerce, the more people will sign up for you.

How much it cost ?

Nothing. Becoming an affiliate partner and making money from it is completely free.

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How many commissions will I earn ?

You will earn 30% of what your clients bill during the first 12 months. That is, if your clients are registered with a Premium account (€ 29.90 / month) you will earn 30%, which is almost € 9 (€ 8.97) each month, (€ 53.82 after 6 months). It will be accumulated in your affiliate panel.

From the 1st year you will earn 5% from that same affiliate. You will be charged 30% again for the first year on all new subscriptions.

Like the vast majority of affiliate programs, you will earn commissions without withholding taxes such as VAT.

How do I set up my account and payment information? ?

In order to receive a payment you must give us bank information. When you want to collect your commissions, you will only have to make us an invoice for Commissions to our account. The normal thing is that we will deposit the money to you throughout the next month.

How do I know how much I have earned ?

You can see the links that have entered from you and the commissions that you have accumulated in your affiliate panel.

How do I accumulate money ?

The money of your affiliates will be retained in your panel, the moment you want to collect it, get in touch by clicking on the button to request commissions.


How and when can I get paid ?

As soon as your balance exceeds € 100 you can withdraw your affiliate money, for this you must make us an invoice. We make the income by transfer to the account number that appears on the invoice.

How long do you take to pay me ?

At the time of receiving the payment you will have to give us your bank information. The normal thing is that you receive the payment a month after making your request, we need time to do the steps.

In what currency will I charge ?

We pay you in euros (€), if you are from outside the European community and you charge through PayPal they will make the conversion for you. If you charge by transfer, talk to your bank, it is normal for them to convert it to your currency.

There are more advantages for me ?

Yes. In the event that you are an agency and generate a large volume of affiliates, we can offer you better prices. After five registered on your part, we will contact you to make a Premium partner offer, if you see that we do not get in touch, do it yourself, sometimes we miss it. And it is worth it.

And if they sign up for the free program, I win something ?

Although we would love to, when registrations occur in the free program we cannot give you commission, but still, you can always say that you have helped a company to be better without the need for money to be spent.
From the moment someone registers with your affiliate link, you will collect commissions from what you pay in the first year. That is, if you register with a free account and go to the Pro version after the sixth month, you will charge commissions for the next six months.

VAT withholding ?

VAT must be withheld from your commissions so that it appears on the invoice that we are obliged to issue when you withdraw the balance. When you want to collect your commissions, you just have to click on the Request Commissions button that you have in your account panel.

Get in contact with us.

If you have questions or need more information, you can contact us through the contact form or by phone. As you prefer, we will be happy to assist you.


(+34) 633 660 750

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